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12 How to Get Pregnant Fast for Couples Who Want to Have Children

Ways to get pregnant quickly naturally include regularly tracking ovulation, having sex before ovulation, and staying lying down after intercourse to let sperm actually enter the uterus. Another important thing that needs to be done in order to get pregnant quickly is to see a doctor for a reproductive health check.

There are several ways to get pregnant fast that couples who are planning to have children can try. The methods below not only need to be done by women, but men so that both the egg and sperm needed for fertilization can be equally healthy.

12 How to Get Pregnant Fast for Couples Who Want to Have Children

How to get pregnant fast

Here's how to get pregnant fast naturally that can be done when starting to plan to have children:

1. Check with the doctor

Before starting the program to get pregnant, start by checking with your doctor to find out the condition of your reproductive health and that of your partner.

Also consult about pregnancy vitamins such as folic acid that need to be consumed before entering pregnancy.

If you have other health problems, it also needs to get treatment before starting a pregnancy program.

2. Stop the family planning program

If you want to have children after using contraception for a long time, then all you have to do is stop your family planning program.

You must remove the contraceptive, stop injecting birth control, or stop taking birth control pills that you have been taking to prevent pregnancy.

The release of this contraceptive must also be accompanied by careful calculations, because depending on the type of family planning you use, it will usually take some time until your fertility can return to normal.

Some take weeks or even months after stopping birth control to get pregnant again.
Consult with your doctor about pregnancy plans and the best time to stop using contraceptives.

3. Track ovulation time

A woman is at her most fertile in the two days before ovulation. To find out the time of ovulation, you can use a manual ovulation test kit available at pharmacies.

The test will detect an increase in luteinizing hormone (LH) in the urine, which usually rises 36 to 48 hours before ovulation. This is a good time to have sex to get pregnant quickly.

If you have regular menstrual periods, you can estimate your fertile period and ovulation period each month.

In addition to looking at the time in the menstrual cycle, you can also predict ovulation from specific signs such as changes in vaginal fluid. When entering the fertile period, the vagina will secrete a slimy fluid that is similar to vaginal discharge and has a texture like raw egg white.

4. Having sex before ovulation

Pregnancy certainly will not be achieved if after knowing the ovulation period, you and your partner do not have sex. Having sex before ovulation will increase the chances of pregnancy.

Under good conditions, sperm can survive in the female reproductive tract for up to five days while eggs can only survive 12 to 24 hours after being released.

Having sex right before ovulation can increase the chances of the sperm to fertilize the egg so that pregnancy can occur.

5. Stay bedridden after intercourse

How to get pregnant fast next is to stay in bed for 10 to 15 minutes. The vaginal position is naturally tilted downwards, so lying on your back allows sperm to gather there and more easily reach the egg.
During this time, don't go to the bathroom first. While lying down, you don't need to lift your feet up against the wall.

6. Have sex more often

Having sex more often during the month when planning a pregnancy can increase the chances of conception. In that month you can have sex every two days or three days.

Having sex three to four times a week can already increase the chances of your partner having sex on the most fertile days.

If you're just waiting to ovulate, it could be that you're making the wrong forecast or something else is causing you to miss your fertile window.

Frequent sex can also improve sperm health. With healthier sperm means the possibility of getting pregnant also becomes greater.

7. Don't have sex excessively

Although having sex more often is one of the ways to get pregnant fast, don't overdo it. The reason is, this will only make you and your partner tired.

Having sex every day, or even several times a day because you want to get pregnant quickly, doesn't really increase your chances of getting pregnant. Do it regularly twice a day, especially when entering the ovulation period.

8. Prevent sperm damage

Sperm quality must also be considered when you and your partner are looking for ways to get pregnant quickly. Sperm that have a good number, movement, and shape can increase the chances of getting pregnant.

Some things that should be considered so that sperm remains quality include:

  •  Do not use tight pants because it can affect the sperm count to be less.
  •  Do not soak in hot water or place the laptop on your lap or near the testicles or testicles area for too long because it can affect the overall quality of sperm.
  • It's best to limit your intake of soy foods, because research shows that men who eat too much soy have lower sperm concentrations than men who don't.

9. Don't over-exercise

Exercise is a good habit, but overdoing it can have a negative impact on those of you who are trying to conceive.

The reason is, too much exercise can cause women not to ovulate. In addition, exercise that is too strenuous can make the second half of the menstrual cycle shorter. As a result, the fertile period also becomes shorter.

Moderate exercise by doing brisk walking 2.5 hours a week or at least 30 minutes a day for five days a week can be an effective way of fertilizing the womb while still keeping you healthy.

10. Lose weight

One of the ways to get pregnant fast that people who are overweight or obese need to do is try to lose weight.

Slightly overweight has been shown to reduce fertility. Therefore, it is recommended to have a healthy weight before trying to conceive.

Losing weight takes more effort and time for most people. However, the benefits of having a balanced weight not only increase male and female fertility, but also improve overall body health, so it is highly recommended to strive for.

11. Quit smoking and drinking alcohol

Smoking can decrease fertility and affect estrogen levels and ovulation. Quitting smoking and drinking alcohol is not only important for maintaining the reproductive health of men and women, but also for improving the health of the body in general. Stopping this bad habit can also make the mother and fetus healthier.

12. Get enough sleep and manage stress well

Irregular sleep cycles can disrupt menstrual cycles, making pregnancy more difficult.
Menstrual cycles can also be disrupted if you have acute stress. Therefore, one way to get pregnant fast that needs to be done is to manage stress and get better sleep.

Doing breathing exercises, yoga, or undergoing acupuncture can help to relieve stress and improve sleep.

If you have long-term sleep disorders that cannot be resolved on their own, then you should consult this with your doctor to get the necessary treatment.

Those are various tips on how to get pregnant fast for couples who have longed for offspring. If you are over 35 years old and did not get pregnant within six months of trying, or younger than 35 years old, and haven't gotten pregnant within a year after making natural efforts to get pregnant, we recommend seeing your doctor for the best advice and recommendations for realize the pregnancy you desire.