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Things to discuss with your couple before marriage

Before getting married, there are many things you need to discuss with your couple. The goal is to unite the vision and mission of the two of you so that one day you can live a harmonious household. For more details, let's find out what things you need to discuss in this article.

Marriage is a sacred relationship. Every couple wants to get married only once in a lifetime. Well, in order for your marriage to last long into old age, you need to be open with your partner. In fact, this has been discussed long before marriage.

Things to discuss with your couple before marriage - Lifetospirit

Various things that need to be discussed before marriage

Some of the following topics you need to discuss with your couple before you get married:

1. Descendants

Some couples want to have children immediately after marriage, but there are also those who want to enjoy the beautiful times together. Well, try to discuss this with your couple before marriage.

Agree on when is the best time to add a new member to your family, and how many children you want. Don't forget to also discuss the worst case scenario, such as in case of infertility. In essence, both of you must be prepared physically and mentally before becoming parents.

2. Career

Talk about who can work and what the conditions are like. For example, the location of the office or the hours of entry and return. Also talk about if there is a promotion because it will usually take more time.
This topic is very important for women who want to keep working after marriage. Ask your future husband if you still need to work, and what the working hours are so as not to interfere with your duties as a wife in the future.

3. Sex affair

One of the important things that can warm your marriage is sex. Be clear about all the sex-related things you like and don't like. You can find out how to have healthy sex by consulting a doctor first.

4. Financial problems

You may not feel comfortable discussing material matters before marriage. Even though it is sensitive to talk about, you are advised to talk about it honestly and openly. You see, this is quite often the cause of disputes in the household.

Discuss and agree on who will manage the finances in the household and the amount of income that needs to be saved for the future. You also need to plan finances for urgency that might occur, for example if someone is sick or has urgent family needs.

5. Division of tasks at home

Homework is not only done by women, you know. Men also need to be involved in this matter. You and your couple need to share household chores, such as cleaning or babysitting, especially if you agree not to use a household assistant.

6. Association with other people

To avoid misunderstandings, you should discuss the boundaries of how to get along with other people after marriage. You see, hanging out with other people without your couple knowing it can trigger a big fight.

You may consider allowing your couple to be friends with the opposite sex as long as he or she tells you verything they did when they were friends or introduced you to a friend of the opposite sex. If indeed the relationship is pure friendship, surely nothing will be covered up, right?

7. Future plans

This topic may be difficult to answer and is still only a prediction. However, a discussion on this issue is important to know the purpose of your marriage.

The plan can be an encouragement for you to work harder to make it happen. For example, after 5 years of marriage, you must have a house.

Remember, marriage is a commitment that must be lived in the long term. So, make sure you live with someone who is truly in line and understands your mindset.

Don't hesitate to consult a psychologist for marriage counseling if you and your partner find it difficult to unite your vision and mission in marriage.