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13 Ways to Blacken Gray Hair Due to Stress

13 Ways to Blacken Gray Hair Due to Stress

Stress that is felt not only has a bad impact on the body, but can also affect the health of the hair and turn the color white.

Stress will make the body produce stress hormones which will affect the pigment in the hair follicles and cause the hair that grows to turn white. 

Don't worry, several studies have shown that gray hair due to stress can turn black again or match the original color of the hair. For that, know how to blacken gray hair due to stress below.

How to blacken gray hair due to stress Reporting from WebMD, the body will produce stress hormones which will reduce the production of melanin, which is the body's natural pigment, thus making hair white. 

However, hair turning white due to stress is only temporary and can return to normal when the stress is reduced. 

When the cause of stress cannot be avoided, lifestyle changes can be done as a way to reduce stress and restore gray hair at a young age. 

Excerpted from Health line, there are several ways to blacken gray hair due to stress by adopting a healthy lifestyle, such as:

  1. Do more physical activity, including exercising, to reduce stress and improve mood
  2. Reduce consumption of foods that are high in sugar and processed foods
  3. Reduce the use of gadgets because they can disrupt sleep and increase stress
  4. Take supplements needed by the body, such as magnesium and vitamin B
  5. Doing activities, you enjoy, such as going for a walk or reading a book
  6. Reducing caffeine consumption by a maximum of 400 mg of caffeine per day or about 4 to 5 cups
  7. Spending more time with family or friends
  8. Dare to say no to things that will interfere with personal life and contribute to perceived stress, such as when given a heavier workload
  9. Doing work immediately and not putting it off as it can affect health and sleep quality
  10. Engaging in relaxation activities, such as yoga and meditation
  11. Performing physical contact, such as hugging, with a partner n or pets to increase the production of the hormone oxytocin and lower cortisol
  12. Do more outdoor activities
  13. Learn breathing techniques to help the body regulate the rhythm of the heart rate There are several ways you can try to reduce the stress you feel and improve your general health.

When to see a doctor?

According to Columbia University Irving Medical Center, reducing the stress you feel can't always restore your hair color to its original state. If stress-gray hair has been present for several years, it's less likely to return to black or its original hair color. When you've tried the method of blackening gray hair due to stress above but your hair doesn't go back to how it used to be, you are advised to seek medical help. Gray hair is not necessarily caused by stress and can be a symptom of other health problems that need to be treated medically.