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7 Area of the House That Must Be Cleaned Everyday

7 Area of the House That Must Be Cleaned Every Day

Let’s keep your family's health by cleaning some areas of the House every day.

Germs can enter the house through the variety of ways and mediums. In order not to become a disease to the whole family, the house shall be cleaned every day. However, there are some areas and objects that require getting special attention.

Here are the following areas and objects should be cleaned every day:

1. Kitchen

Raw food ingredients that go into the kitchen contain a lot of germs. So the objects that routinely used to process its raw food ingredients can be easily infected by germs. These objects include sponge, cutting boards, and a sink.

2. TV remote

TV remote is frequently an object which is touched by many people. So that germs are easily moved around. In other words, TV remote was a medium the spread of germs. You can clean it using alcohol.

3. Laptop Keyboard

It’s similar to a TV remote; the keyboard can also become a medium of spread germs. While working, you might just be coughing or sneezing, so germs migrated into your keyboard. These objects can also be cleaned using alcohol.

4. Bath Tub

The bathroom is an area that many germs. While bathing, the dirt will fall from the body, so germs can proliferate in the bath tub.

5. Door Handles and Light Switches

Door handles and light switches is also a part that is often held and touched. Unfortunately, many people often forget this part when cleaning the House. So, make sure you do not miss it.

6. Bathroom Floor

The bathroom floor, especially in the area around the toilet, contains a lot of germs. To overcome this, we recommend that you clean it every day. In addition, you and your family need to get used to close the toilet after using it.

7. Towel

A towel that you use can be a source of germs and fungus. To overcome this, always drying towels every day in an area exposed to direct sunlight.

Those are some objects and areas that you need to clean every day. While cleaning the house from germs, you can use a disinfectant. For example, bleach mixed water or alcohol. Let’s keep clean of your House so the family will be healthier!