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Tomatoes: Simple Ways to Against The Wrinkles

The problem of premature aging such as the appearance of pinstripe, wrinkles, and black spots on the face, has become an enemy for the most of the women. Various techniques of beauty treatments they have done in order to overcome its problem.

But now you do not need to spend much money to against the premature aging. A German study found that eating tomatoes can help people to overcome the problem of skin due to aging, including skin cancer.

Tomatoes: Simple Ways to Against The Wrinkles

Jean Krutmann as principal investigators says that tomatoes are rich in lycopene or antioxidants that can protect the skin from ultraviolet light exposure like a sunscreen. According to him, the tomatoes also have natural dyes or lutein pigments which can reduce the inflammation caused by sunburn.

To obtain these findings, the researchers compared 65 people who were divided into two groups. First, the group was given supplements of tomatoes for 12 weeks, and the other group was not given its supplement.

The results showed that respondents, who received a supplement of tomatoes, are spared from the risk of inflammation caused by sun exposure, compared with those who were not given its supplement. This is evident from the decline in the incidence of skin redness after sun exposure.

"Our study provides evidence that diet can reduce detrimental effects of UV exposure," said Krutmann as a researcher.

Based on these findings, he suggested that the people should consume tomatoes routinely to give effect to the natural protection from the sun.

"In the future, we hope that tomatoes can be processed in supplements to become one of the natural therapies in preventing premature aging and skin cancer risk," he added.