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4 Habits for Your Family's Heart Health

4 Habits for Your Family's Heart Health

Implement healthy lifestyle habits can keep your family's heart health. What are the habits?

One of the factors the causes of coronary heart disease is hereditary factors. However, unhealthy living habits are also "downgraded" to a child can also increase the risk of coronary heart disease. If it’s allowed, unhealthy living habits could further spread to the next generation. In contrast, healthy lifestyle habits can lower the risk of heart disease by up to 20-40 percent. What are the healthy living habits?


Do you want to snack? It’s allowed. Actually the snacking can make you quite full so you can perform the activity until the main meal time arrives. Snacking also helps you to not eat excessively during lunch or dinner. For smokers, snacking is also one of the alternatives to quitting smoking.

It's just you have to look at the type and serves snacks that are consumed.

We encourage you to make fresh fruits as snacks. It’s because fruits are rich in nutrients and provide a sense of fresh. The menu of snacks, banana, raisins and a few pieces of biscuits is also good. The problem is if you're snacking fried, sweet bread, or crackers in large quantities.

Drink Eight Glasses of Water A Day

Eight glasses a day is the practical benchmark and easy so that the body is getting enough fluids. Sometimes, the thirst makes you want to overeat.

Try drinking water first, when the stomach is stretched and provide a satiety signal to the brain, you will not overeat. Overeating will make excess calories and fat to accumulate in your body.

For children who are overweight, they will tend to be at risk of having a heart attack when mature. In addition, the increased risk of experiencing high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes.

Playing Routinely

Now the gadget seems to be a playmate for children. Gadgets tend to make the children and even adults rarely doing physical activity. They are more often sitting while playing with their gadget. Even when he was gathering his family at home, they are still busy with their gadget.

For those of you who already have a family, take time with your family to exercise regularly. Enjoy playing with the family, running, or walking when the car free day, walk in the City Park, cycling, swimming, hiking, or other outdoor activities.

Physical activity makes the body's circulation became better, fresher minds, and most of all it helps burn calories and reduce the occurrence of excess flab that harms the body.

Eating Together

Children learn by emulating the behavior of those closest to them. Parents are the ones closest to the child so that the child will easily emulate the behavior of their parents. Eating is one habit that can emulate.

If you are accustomed to eating lots of rice and a little to eat the vegetable or fruit, children will emulate. If you like to eat fried foods, are also likely to have the same hobby.

Have the habit of eating with your family is very important. You can familiarize yourself to serving healthy food for the family. For example, serve red rice and whole wheat bread. Both are a good source of carbohydrates.

Various vegetables also become obligatory menu. Sea fish and chicken without fat, tofu, and Tempe are the example of good sources of protein which’s served at the dinner table. Fruit is healthy desserts and fresh.

If you do not accustom a healthy life from now, this habit can be "downgraded" to the next generation and the strengthening of heredity that from the beginning is also the risk of coronary heart disease.

In contrast, healthy habits can reduce the risk of heart disease between 20 to 40 percent.

So, it is clear, the treatment of coronary heart disease is not just about drugs or medical procedures, but also involves healthy living habits. Let’s apply healthy habits from now for your family's heart health.