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4 Eating Habits That Annoying Work Productivity

4 Eating Habits That Annoying Work Productivity

There are many of workers feel their time in office is wasted because of unproductive all day. It usually happens because of too much relaxing, 'surfing' on the internet, or simply are not effective in completing the task. In addition, lack of productivity can also be caused due to imprecise eating habits. Here are four of them:

1. Does Not Plan the Lunch

Not only project work, the lunch also needs to be planned carefully. Preparing lunch actually has psychological benefits and able to encourage you to be more productive at work.

In order to keep the spirit until the end of working hours, provide some foods you like but still have nutritious. If you can, bring meals from home and present a different menu every day. Avoid indiscriminate eating that can reduce your health or make you suffer a stomachache while working.

2. Too Many Consume Carbohydrates

When the early morning was filled with any meetings or pursues deadlines, you may feel weak and wanted to lunch by consuming a lot of carbohydrates to get satiety. However, avoid eating too much of carbohydrates that able to make you sleepy or even brain fog or cannot think clearly when afternoon.

Quoted by Business Insider, suggested the lunch contain wheat, vegetables, and yogurt to produce energy throughout the day.

3. Drinking Lots of Coffee

Although it can be made the day more energized, coffee is not good if consumed too much. A study from the journal Neuropsychopharmacology revealed that caffeine can actually make you lazy. If you drink four cups a day, the coffee will cause negative effects; such as making nervous systems are too stimulated and motoric activity did not work properly.

4. Snack Sweet Cravings

Too busy can make people lazy to have lunch. It also needs to be avoided, because of it risk of causing a desire for snacking in the afternoon. Because of hunger, usually, people will crave sweet food that can push the energy and mood instantly. Unfortunately, sweet intake is not good for the body because it lowers blood sugar so as to make the body weak and unproductive.