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10 Early Signs of Heart Disease Symptoms

10 Early Signs of Heart Disease Symptoms

As we know that the WHO says, heart disease is the number one of disease killer in the world, which of course has claimed many lives over the world. From the data obtained in the year of 2008, there are 7.25 million of people dead because of heart disease, if it’s presented in that year with total deaths around 12.8%. Of course, with these data, heart disease is a worrying disease and needs to be aware of everyone.

Early Signs of heart disease symptoms should be wary are:

1. Frequently Fatigue

If you frequently feel tired despite you are not doing any strenuous activity, immediately consult your personal physician. This could be an indication of heart problems. This fatigue is also often felt when you wake up.

2. Frequently Sweating

Generally, a person sweats after doing exercise or in hot weather. But if you sweat easily, though you are not doing anything, it's likely your heart has a problem.

3. Excessive of Nausea

Heart disease symptoms begin with swelling in the abdomen. This causes the patient to lose appetite and feel excessive of nausea.

4. Feeling Anxious and Tense

Many people believe that heart disease attack ended with trauma. As a result, those who have had heart disease more often experiencing tension, fear, or anxiety of death. This is associated with psychological anxiety and stress which cause more frequent attacks.

5. Pain in the Body

The pain became the strong sign of heart disease. In men, the pain is felt in the left arm, while women experiencing pain in both arms. The pain comes and goes is also felt in the shoulder, back, elbow, and neck. Pain at some part of the body is caused due to blockage of an artery.

6. Chest Pain

This is a common symptom of heart problems. Women are the more likely feeling pain in the chest due to the blockage of arteries causing blood flow throughout the body is not smooth. This condition can also cause numbness and weakness in the body.

7. Headache

Those who have heart problems will feel a headache when exposed to light. This effect on a heart rate, whether it beat more slowly or more quickly.

Especially in women who often suffer a migraine or visual disorders, at least twice a month, need to be wary. This could be a heart disease symptom progression. It is according to the study which published by the American Academy of Neurology. And according to the researchers, this occurs because of irregularities in blood circulation which cause severe headaches.

8. Irregular Heartbeat

If you are having an irregular heartbeat, this should be wary because it can give a negative impact. Irregular heartbeat is generally due to muscle thickening of the heart valves. This led to the narrowing of the valve, causing a leak.

9. Shortness of Breath

Shortness of breath is caused by thickening of the blood vessel that inhibits the supply of blood to the entire body. It also results in an irregular a heart rate, abnormal of liver organ or infection, thickening of the heart muscle, as well as abnormalities of the heart valves.

10. Swelling of the Legs and Stomach

Swelling occurs when fluid builds up in the body. Generally, it occurs in the ankle and stomach. This symptom is a sign that the heart is experiencing disabilities and abnormalities of the heart valves.