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Prevent Diabetes with These Ways, It's Easy and Simple

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that can occur due to hereditary factors. If you have a parent with diabetes, you should not be discouraged directly.

It’s because, although you have offspring with diabetes, you can reduce the possibility of developing this disease. Some acts you can do to minimize the risk of diabetes, namely:

Prevent Diabetes with These Ways, It's Easy and Simple

Control Your Weight

For those who have a family history of diabetes, usually the most common triggers are overweight. People who are overweight have a possibility of 7 times greater than those who have a healthy weight.

Therefore, if you do not want to get diabetes even though has hereditary factors, control your weight now! It's very easy. Running quickly for 30 minutes a day, it can reduce the risk of diabetes by 50%.

Consume Nutritionally Balanced Food

Set your meal schedule, the amount of food, and the kind of food you should eat. Suggested meal schedule is 3 times a day. It is intended that you do not feel hungry. Thus you do not eat food in the large portion at the next meal time.

For the amount of food, you are suggested to consume 25% carbohydrates, 25% protein, and 50% fiber. Do not be added! If you want to eat more, add vegetables and fruit.

The kind of food here referred to the foods that have a low glycemic index and low in calories. For examples the carbohydrates, you can choose red rice instead of white rice.

Avoid Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks have a high calorie. Although only a soft drink, but the sugary drinks packaging can contain calories almost equal to one plate of rice.

Therefore, avoid sugary drinks or any kind of soft drink. Instead, choose mineral water without flavor. Remember, consume sweet drink will increase your risk of diabetes by 25%.

Doing Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise will reduce your risk of diabetes. Because by doing exercise, the calories you consume will turn into energy. Thus, the calories will not be deposited in the blood vessels in the form of glucose or sugar that can lead to diabetes.

Actually, all four of the above actions is a healthy lifestyle that you need to implement. Thus, your risk of developing diabetes would be diminished, although you have the hereditary factors of the disease.