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8 Foods and Drinks Cause Tooth Decay You Should Know

Are you still young but your tooth was already damaged? Find out more the foods and beverages which cause tooth decay here.

Teeth are the first part of a digestive tract so that the dental health care is very important in order that digestive process can work perfectly. One thing that must be done in dental care is the prevention of tooth decay. One cause of tooth decay is food or drink that we consume daily. Then what are the food and drinks cause tooth decay? Here are some of them. 

8 Foods and Drinks Cause Tooth Decay You Should Know

Foods and Drinks Cause Tooth Decay


Besides it can cause diabetes type 2 and obesity, snack - like potato chips, can also make tooth decay. The carbohydrates in the flour are broken down by bacteria into acids that erode the enamel. Make sure there are no leftovers left behind by brushing the teeth until clean.

Ice Cube

Although it made of water, does not contain sweeteners or other additives, the habit of chewing ice cubes can harm your teeth. The structure of enamel and ice cubes just as hard can cause cracks in the teeth when it clash. Cracks of teeth can make the teeth become hypersensitive.

Sticky Food and Sweet

When buying a healthy snack, some people tend to choose dried fruit. Dried fruit usually has a sticky structure and can cause tooth decay because it attached longer than other foods. Make sure to drink water and brush your teeth after eating these foods to avoid tooth decay.

Lemon, Lime, and Strawberry

These three fruits contain fructose and acid. Although they contain high vitamin C, but if it is too long in the mouth would be risky to soften enamel and lead to caries. Balance consumes it by drinking enough water.

Coffee and Tea

Coffee and tea are a natural drink that is good for health. Unfortunately, many people who prefer to enjoy it with added sugar. The problem, it can cause tooth decay. So, make sure to always drink water afterward.

Carbonated Beverages and Fruit Juices

Basically, these drinks are acidic. Drinks and sugary foods in the long term can make dental plaque become a hotbed of bacteria. The bacteria produce acids to soften tooth enamel in order that making it easier tooth decay. Use a straw to minimize the exposure of teeth to these drinks.

Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol can cause dry mouth due to reduced saliva production. This can cause cavities and other dental and gum disease. Heavy drinkers are also at risk of developing oral cancer.


Candy is sweet and delicious. But consuming it continuously can cause tooth decay. Hard candies are also at risk for broken or cracked teeth. Instead, chew gum or mints without artificial sweeteners.