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7 Tips to Boost Spirit on Monday

Monday is the laziest day for most of the people, even among students or employees. Lazy on Monday is also called "Monday Blues".

Evidently, there is a difference between modern with traditional work culture, one of main difference is the modern work culture have working hours, which allows the employee gets stressed during work.

Modern employees working hours are Monday to Friday or Monday to Saturday, on Saturday or Sunday the employee gets off work, it resulted in a gap between Friday to Monday, and make them feel lazy to go back to work on Monday. In order to overcome the Monday blues, here are the following tips to boost spirit on Monday.

7 Tips to Boost Spirit on Monday

Tips to Boost Spirit on Monday

    1. Mental health professionals believed that having good posture and healthy body can reduce Monday blues, until a certain time. Sit up straight while working and not sitting hunched can help you to feel active and more passion.

    2. Fresh air and the sunshine in the morning can help to restore work’s spirit on Monday, try to take a break in a little time approximately 1-15 minutes to enjoy it, then you will feel refreshed and revitalized.

    3. Evidently using fragrance oils or perfume with a fresh scent can make you energized a long day.

    4. Use clothing or handbags, or accessories with bright colors, those make you have work’s spirit on Monday. Not only spirit, work enthusiastic will increase, too.

    5. Listen to the energetic songs can also make you feel excited, try to listen to an energetic song on Monday, you will feel energized although your work on Monday pile up.

    6. Do exercise before working on Monday morning can also help you to keep your energy and energized the body a long day.

    7. The last tip is to consume probiotics. Some experts said that probiotics can improve your mood.

Keep your spirit and do not assume that Monday or other days feels lazy!!!