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7 Simple Ways How to Remove Acne

Acne is one of the main problems of teenagers who want to look nice in their age. How to remove acne may be a solution that is often looked for by those who want to have a clean face without acne in a natural way. We are often annoyed by the presence of acne and blackheads which are suddenly attacked our beautiful and handsome face without mercy. Sometimes acne grows in the nose, cheeks, forehead, and even on our neck.  There have been many methods, medication, and therapy that have failed to eliminate acne from our faces.

It has been a common secret that the presence of acne (especially on the face) will greatly affect to our self-confidence. Therefore everyone who has acne will certainly strive to be able to remove it from the face or other body parts.

For those who have lots of money, maybe eliminating acne is not a difficult problem. Just go to the salon skincare, following the treatment, using the product, and finished. But how about the person who has a little money (for example like me), is there any hope to remove acne with a low cost? Of course, there are many other ways.

Therefore I wanted to give you some tips that may help you to be free from acne, these natural tips that cheap are very easy to be applied. These simple ways how to remove acne naturally I got from my friends and life experiences as well as the extra bit of reading articles in several online sites.

How to Remove Acne Naturally
1. Lemon or Lime combined with rose water.
Lemon, lime and the same type of such fruits contain very rich of citric acid, which is good for removing dead cells skin that can cause an acne. The ways are by mixing the juice or lemon juice with rose water and then apply on face for 10-15 minutes. After that, wash with warm water. Do this treatment regularly and consistently for 15 days and get amazing results.

2. Egg whites
The ways are separate the yolk and take egg white only. Then whisk briefly and apply to your face for 15 minutes. The egg white will help to reduce oil on the face that often causes acne.

3. Toothpaste
One thing to remember here, toothpaste to be used must in pasta shaped (such as Pepsodent) not in gel shaped (such as Close Up). The way is almost the same as the above. Apply toothpaste to the acne and other parts around the acne before sleeping. Leave it overnight or until the morning and then wash with clean water.

4. Tomato
Besides good for eye, this fruit is also quite effective at removing blackheads from your body. The first thing to do is slice the tomatoes into two parts, then apply to the entire facial acne and leave for 15 minutes - 1 hour and then wash. And eat for treatment from inside.

5. Aloe vera
Take a leaf of aloe vera, cut into sections, then exfoliate the outer skin, and rub on the emerging acne. Repeat this way every morning and evening. If you are patient to do this way, acne may be able to dry up and flake off for 3 days. In addition, aloe vera is also capable of removing stubborn acne scars. Once again the key is only one, be patient!

6. Garlic
There are two options in using garlic to remove acne. First, take two or more garlic and mash until smooth and then apply to your face with acne. Wait for 10 minutes then wash. While the second way is by eating one or more of garlic every day. There are many people say both of those ways are quite effective, but for those of you who do not like the smell of garlic, it would better use other ways.

7. Always Clean the Face
Try to always keep the face from dirt and dust every day. For those of you, who are always active and dealing with the dust on the road, suggested being diligent to cleanse up your face before or after the activity. Eat vegetables and drink water are also keep your body from inside. If you do not like vegetables, fruit that is containing water can be an alternative. Because of the essential nutrients contained in fruits and vegetables are believed to make your face cleaner and glow.