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7 Best of Vitamin C Benefits

What was going through your mind when hearing the word of vitamin C? Orange fruit? Supplements that we often encounter in the pharmacy? Or serum face? All three are true, grapefruit, supplements, as well as facial serum contains vitamin C in it.

Nowadays, a lot of face and body beauty products that include vitamin C as one of the basic materials. Not only useful for maintaining stamina, but Vitamin C Benefits also have efficacy for the beauty of our skin. Essentially, a lot of benefits contained in it. Let's see the following 7 best Vitamin C Benefits for a healthy body:

7 Best of Vitamin C Benefits

Vitamin C Benefits

1. As an Antioxidant, That is Good for The Body

Living in big cities with high pollution exposure can cause the various effects negative impact on our body. Routine consume vitamin C may help protect the cell body damage caused by free radicals. In addition, eating foods that contain antioxidants will also make our face look younger.

2. Source of Collagen for Skin

Still connected to the previous point, consume vitamin C or applying the serum to the face can make skin look young always. Vitamin C produces hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine to bind molecules that produce collagen. This collagen will make our skin becomes tighter and brighter.

3. Heart Disease and Stroke Preventing

Antioxidants are owned by vitamin C it also affects the health of our heart. Vitamin C can erode atherosclerosis that causes heart arteries thicken and make blood circulation becomes smooth.

4. Diabetes Preventing

Vitamin C also has a function to lower blood sugar levels in the body. Try to regularly eat fruits that have high levels of vitamin C in order to avoid diabetes.

5. Improve The Condition of Damaged Hair

Did you know that dry and branching hair can be a sign that you are a lack of vitamin C intake? consume enough of the vitamin C is quite able to prevent the bad effects of free radicals that can damage our hair.

6. Solutions for Hair Loss

Lack of vitamin C it also can make your hair fall out! This is because when the body lacked vitamin C, the adrenal glands are responsible for maintaining hormone balance will be disrupted and this can cause hair loss. Adequate of vitamin C intake can also help the growth of body hair becomes thicker. Vitamin C can accelerate the blood circulation which resulted in the growth of our hair.

7. Cancer Preventing

Vitamin C can protect our body cells from damage that can cause cancer. Vitamin C is also good for consumed by patients with cancer to help boost the immune system.

Those are seven Vitamin C Benefits for our bodies. Now don’t be lazy anymore to fulfill your daily vitamin C intake. It would be better if you eat them are still in the form of fruits. Which naturally must have had better benefits for our bodies. However, if it is difficult to find a fruit, you can consume them in the form of tablet supplements.