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Tips and Tricks for the right hair loss treatment, pay attention to the following important things

Not only a crown for women, hair also has a function in the body as a protective skin from the outside and functions from the inside such as reducing friction and others.

However, hair can also fall out, this is a problem that needs to be considered properly.
Hair loss should not be left alone, there are various causes that need to be known before doing hair loss treatment.

Anyone can experience hair loss, some are temporary and permanent, and it can affect not only the scalp but the entire body.

hair loss treatment

If left unchecked it can lead to baldness, whereas there are various hair loss treatments available to prevent it further and help restore growth.

Hair loss can appear in many different ways, as there are many underlying causes, it can be gradual or sudden.

Some of the symptoms of hair loss are gradual thinning on the top of the head and this being the most common, red spots appear on the skin and cause pain, sudden loss of hair, loss of hair occurs all over the body, and hair will grow back.

See a doctor immediately if you experience symptoms such as a feeling of pressure from significant hair loss, or if you notice a sudden, uneven, hair loss that is more intense than when you brush. This is because sudden hair loss can signal an underlying medical condition. require treatment.

Causes of Hair Loss

Let's understand what are the causes of hair loss, some of which are:

  • Hereditary factors (can grow again if done with care)
  • Age (early detection will help regrow with treatment)
  • Alopecia areata (immune system disease attacks hair follicles, they can grow back and treatments help stimulate them)
  • Effects of chemotherapy (exposure to radiation from chemotherapy, so it is recommended to use cold head protection before, during, after chemotherapy, but can still grow after several months of completing chemotherapy)
  • Effects of childbirth, post-treatment healing, and stress (can grow back if you can manage stress well)
  • Hair cosmetic effect (if there is inappropriate exposure and it is difficult to regrow it)
  • Unbalanced hormone problems (requires hair loss treatment to grow back)

In addition to these common causes, there are other contributing causes, such as disease and drugs.
By knowing these causes, it is hoped that it will help in choosing the appropriate hair loss treatment.

hair loss treatment

Hair loss treatment

Some hair loss treatments that can be tried, namely:

  1. Minoxidil - This is a hair loss treatment by applying it to the scalp once or twice a day, its function is to stimulate hair growth, preventing further hair loss. It is usually more effective when used in conjunction with other hair loss treatments, is more suitable for premature hair loss and takes about three to six months to see results.
  2. Laser therapy - If using minoxidil as a hair loss treatment is not very visible results, then try to use laser therapy. Laser therapy can be used for hair loss problems of hereditary origin, alopecia areata, or chemotherapy, by stimulating healing and hair growth after hair transplantation.
  3. Microneedling - This hair loss treatment uses hundreds of tiny needles that help stimulate hair growth and can be used in conjunction with other treatments such as minoxidil, corticosteroids, and others. The results after 12 weeks of treatment, patients treated with minoxidil and microneedling saw significantly more growth.
  4. Hair transplant - This hair treatment solution is considered effective and permanent, usually used for areas experiencing thinning or baldness. Besides being permanent, hair transplants can also look natural.
  5. Corticosteroid injections - Help hair grow back by way of doctors injecting these drugs into areas experiencing hair loss.

Usually given every four to eight weeks as needed, it is said to be effective for the problem of alopecia areata, the result is that at least half of the hair loss grows back within 12 weeks. (*)

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