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4 Ways to Prevent Hypnotic Crime

The strength of hypnotic crime is communication, without communication, it will never happen. Therefore, do not imagine that someone can telepathy you, so suddenly you want to hand over the money offhand, without slightest  communication, also do not imagine that your shoulder tapped in an instant, then easily you hand over the money, without any communication hypnotic crime would not be happened.

Keep wary, particularly in public areas and crowd places. A hypnotic criminal is precisely preferred in the crowd places, it’s because most of the people will not suspect due to feeling "safe" and make themselves become scatterbrained. Here are a few of hypnotic crime mode that often occurs:

Hypnotic Crime Mode 1

Someone close to you, pretending to confusion, and then ask you a question that strange and confusing. Then suddenly you will feel your brain is like a "frozen" or "locked" so that you can even do things that are not as usual, even absurd, including possibly give your possessions. You often do it in a condition "semi-conscious" but you are not able to refuse and keep doing things that are unreasonable.

Hypnotic Crime Mode 2

Somebody calls you, and pretending to know you without mentioning its name, he will wait for you to guess who he was, then he would pretend to be that person, after that he will usually make you  into the condition of panic by providing wrong information and when you're being panicked, then yourself would be very easy to be harnessed.

Ways to Prevent Hypnotic Crime

Do not serve questions which are asked by a group of people in public areas (more than two people). Answer shortly and keep it simple. Stop conversation, of course in polite ways and remained elegant, in order that not to make other people hurt, just in case they turn out not Criminals Hypnosis. The consecutive question will lead you to the "Confuse" and will make you potentially "blank".

If someone pats you, as difficult as it must also not engage in the conversation, immediately divert your attention to other things. You may wring your hands hardly or play your tongue to the palate. As soon as possible distract yourself; do not get stuck in the conversation.

Generally, in a public place, do not continuing talks which are started by something illogical, immediately stop the talks and move away yourself. Hypnotic Criminals are very skilled in leading you so that your logical process becomes not critical. If you "do not" have the opportunity to "escape", immediately divert the mind, typing message or SMS, and doing serious thought to anything else. Cross your legs, this is a symbol of the subconscious to make protection.

Don’t share your identities to other people you do not know by calling or SMS, if you receive a phone from people and you do not know, then discuss topics that are not clear, it’s better not continuing the talks.