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7 Ways How to Whiten Teeth Naturally

Have you ever read about how to whiten teeth using a mixture of strawberries and baking soda, gargling using coconut oil or a squeeze of lemon fruit? Have you practiced? How is the result? It’s not effective, isn’t it?

A study in Dentistry, University of Iowa, USA, revealed that the way to whiten teeth that many people find on the internet is not always effective. Even, Prof. Kwon from the University of Iowa, USA, revealed that the ways above can soften the enamel of your teeth, do you know!

So, what kind of teeth whitening method is really effective and can be trusted?
How to Whiten Teeth

1. Brush the Teeth Regularly
Brush the teeth regularly can make your teeth stay clean. Brush your teeth using a soft-bristled toothbrush, at least 2 times a day.

Brush the teeth in the morning - after breakfast and at night before going to bed. Use the bass method by putting your toothbrush head 45 degrees towards the root of the tooth (in between teeth and gums).

2. Correct Flossing
Use dental floss with good quality. Here the way, hook the dental floss on your right and left forefinger. Then insert to the gaps between the teeth, and move forming the letter C comb side of front teeth, followed by the other side of teeth. Therefore, leftovers will not be formed to be a dental plaque.

3. Use This Toothpaste
Use whitening toothpaste that contains carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide. The toothpaste like this is proven to whiten and clean the tooth surface from stains which caused by food or beverages.

4. Use a Mixture of Baking Soda and Sodium Bicarbonate
Baking soda has a fine grain that can help cleaning stains on the tooth surface. However, the research shows that brushing the teeth with toothpaste which containing sodium bicarbonate can give better results.

5. Go to Dentist
Clean tartar and stains on the teeth at a dentist. This action which is called scaling must be done at least 6 months, 2 times a year. If you do, tartar and stains on the teeth - including between teeth will disappear instantly.

6. Reduce This Intake
Coffee, berries, red wine, and other carbonated beverages should be reduced. Or if you cannot avoid it, rinse your teeth with water after consuming that food and drink, and followed by brushing 30 minutes later.

7. Stop This Habit
Stop smoking. Cigarette smoke will make the color of your teeth become a dark. In addition, it also leaves stains, which are mostly found on the inner surface of the tooth.

To avoid wasting time, costs, and useless effort, do how to whiten teeth above discipline. Thus, your teeth will look clean, healthy and beautiful sparkling like pearls.