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How to Rescue the Person Drowned in Water

Accidents can occur anytime and anywhere, one of them is drowned in water. If someday you find your friends or other people drowned in water, and then beside you help the victims, you must also think about your safety so that you do not go drowned in water.

Rescue the Person Drowned in Water. Dok.

Here are the right ways and really help the person who is drowned in water:

1. Don't Be Panic

Calm yourself, because a panic will make you doing something wrong in helping the victim drowned.

Some errors cases which involved a rescuer also become victim of drowned:

The rescuer cannot swim and try to reach a drowning person, consequently, the victim and rescuer are both drowned together.

The rescuer can swim, but helping drowning person is not easy, once you are held by the panic drowning person then do not expect that he'll release his hand from you. You would be very difficult to survive even though you can swim, and follow to drown with him.

By paralyzing or making the victim unconscious is the last way to save a drowning man so that the rescuer can swim freely pulls the victim from the water.

2. Shout to Getting Help.

Shout loudly to let others hear and know about someone drowning. The more people the more easily rescue the victim.

3. Use Some Goods

Throw a buoy or the goods which floating in the water in order to be held by the drowning person. Usually, the person who was drowned will hold anything goods near him with his hand, whether it is grass, wood, and whatever goods are nearby.

Find wood or rope and reached out to the victim in order to be held and you can pull him to the safe place.

4. Remove Water From The Victim’s Body

If the victim has passed out, help him to remove water from his body, in order that water out of victim’s lungs and he can breathe freely.

5. Give an Artificial Breathing

If the victim does not show signs of breathing, assisted by giving artificial respiration to him with your mouth.

6. Bring To Medic

Bring a drowning victim to the medical officer who can give true aid to victims as soon as possible. We do not know what the damage suffered by organs such as the lungs and the victim's brain.